Getting started

How it works

Offers and wants appear on our website, with approximate suggested values for those items. Since the value of Realms varies in relation to the £ it is simpler for the amount of £'s acceptable or payable to be indicated against offers and wants or for links to be given through to a business website for prices.

A member then makes contact with another member to negotiate the exchange. Members agree on the deal and on a price in Realms using the current conversion rate, and make the exchange. The actual exchange of local currency takes place on the site to two decimal places, the buyer and seller confirm the deal, then the exchange happens on the system and everyone can see a record of it in the accounts of the two members.

Overdraft facilites for Realms will be provided by the Realm Exchange dependent on the level of Membership Package the member has purchased. This will be unlike a bank loan because it will have no interest associated with it and repayment of the amount outstanding can be arranged in many ways with no time limit to pay it off. 

A joining fee is not required from individual members, nor are transaction fees levied for transactions between members.   For more details see  Realm Exchange FAQS

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