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I can do ironing if it is brought to my house, & collected. I have to be able to do a little at a time because of my disability, & therefore it makes sense to do it at home. I like ironing, & my past clients say that I'm good at it.

I am also willing to help small children with reading & writing skills.

The price in Realms or Realm Hours will be agreed individually.

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Astrological consultations and tuition

For more information on how I work with astrology, please visit

Payment may be made in sterling, realms or realm hours, or a combination. The costs of services in realm hours (shown on the website) reflect the actual number of hours typically spent in preparing for, and giving, a consultation.

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Titles Design & Video Editing

I work freelance as a motion graphics designer under the company name Flow and will be offering proffessional services to the realm exchange. Projects of any size will be considered and if you wish to discuss anything please get in touch. Jamie

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Talks on the use of astrology as a tool for self-development

For more information on my approach to astrology, please visit


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Spare Room for the Night

I would be pleased to accommodate guests to Lancaster for one or two nights at a rate of R35 per night including breakfast. This is particularly aimed at people who are visiting for a Transition Event or to attend conferences at the Universities.

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A Van for use.

I am offering my services for anyone who needs the use of a van and/or help moving items from one place to another.

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