Creating a Sustainable Future

Conventional Economics suggests that growth needs to be our main objective if we are to pull ourselves out of the danger of recession. Yet we live in a time when many are beginning to believe that this continual push for growth is damaging the environment, upsetting the ecological balance and is leading us down the path of using up planetary resources that are not infinite.

Still, we need gainful employment, financial independence and lives free of the burden of increasing debt as well as a living planet that is restored to long term sustainable patterns of climate. Is it possible to find a way forward that will solve all these problems together? We believe it is.

By choosing new ways of working together that don’t contain built-in design flaws that inevitably lead us down the path to exponential debt and exponential growth as well as constantly reminding ourselves that what’s good for the planet and the ecology of living systems is also good for ourselves, we can build ourselves a sustainable future with sustainable levels of resource usage and sustainable employment for all based on providing helpful services as well as products. We don’t have any choice but to attempt to do this. The alternative is too unthinkable.

The objective of The Realm Exchange is to offer a way forward for a sustainable economy by providing a low cost alternative for the creation of money at a local level:-

  • By offering no transaction fees for collecting payments the potential for reducing costs on merchant services such as Visa and Mastercard will cut down on business costs substantially.
  • By providing local business with a means to compete with non-local business through offering incentives for consumers and businesses to purchase locally, the potential for stimulating growth in the local economy is high.
  • By offering the creation of community currency in a democratic way, growth is based solely on the ability of local resources to provide for the needs of local people in a fair and equitable manner.
  • By allowing members to purchase Realms in exchange for £'s, whose value is then converted to gold, the Realm Exchange is able to secure the value of the local currency for the long term future by purchasing gold and holding it in storage.

When the real wealth of local people and local natural resources is the basis of wealth creation rather than the creation of debt then it is possible to create a sustainable local economy.When we value people and the natural world more than money then we will be able to build a world that we will want to live in and where individuals and communities can thrive and reach their full potential.

We look forward to working with you all to bring about this sustainable, abundant and nourishing future.