Welcome to the Realm Exchange - the community currency service for people living and working within the Lancaster and Morecambe area who want to receive the full value of their work when they exchange goods and services.

Who can benefit from joining the Realm Exchange?

  • Small Businesses that employ local people, purchase some supplies or pay for some business services locally and want to increase their revenue from other local businesses or consumers
  • Community Organisations and Charities who want to increase support from small business and reduce expenses from their suppliers
  • Private Individuals who wish to boost their earning capacity through part time self-employment or extra wages and also wish to spend this extra income with local business or charities.

What exactly is a Realm and how do I exchange it?

  • The Realm is a Complementary Community Currency that is created whenever members of this community convert their £'s into Realms online at the rate of 1 Realm = 0.001 gm Gold. The Realm is linked to the price of Gold in this way so that it can be converted back into Gold and even to £'s whenever a member of the community needs to exchange their local liquidity for national or global liquidity.This means that the value of our community currency will remain stable against Gold. We are reintroducing the Gold Standard back into local currencies as it has been tried and tested and proved successful for thousands of years!
  • When a member creates Realms they are creating an opportunity for the community as a whole. The number of times a Realm can be exchanged for trades is unlimited but it can never be spent outside the community.This means that the community economy is boosted by keeping Realms circulating within the community.

The Realm Exchange is a community service provided by Banking on Carbon Ltd and assisted by Transition City Lancaster Volunteers that has been set up to provide support to the idea of a more resilient community inspired by the Transition Towns Movement.